Thursday, October 30, 2014

Guilty and being difficult

I entered paediatric department reluctantly
After one year,I think I am in love with this fieldI started to think what i have done in the pastPatient's management and rights.
I promise to myself that I wont do it to my housemen.

Case 1:Down syndrome age 2 yrs oldA son to a Dr in KKMCame to Green Zone with c/o diarrhea for 2 daysI asked my MO what to doShe asked me to take the blood and reassuranceOf course the blood will be normalAnd she didnt even come to look  at the patient

Case 2:
A mother came to ED brought a child with complained of poor oral intake
The child was crying..a lot...
I referred  to Paeds MO
He asked me to define how poor the oral intake was.
usually how many oz of milk and at that time of illness,how much
Come on,TWC is 25..Just admit!
Case 3:
My MO sat in front of me
Asked me to refer a dengue case which is not warranted for admission
Then i got scolded by Medical MO

Case 4:
A prof dr who came to redzone with DKA,shock
The blood gas was extremely difficult
The dr even called with me dr's title(sedih..)
No MO wanted to take the blood gas bcoz it was super difficult,so they sent me..(wic is i felt it was a disgraceful act to terminally ill pt,he had multiple comorbids with multiple ICu admission,somemore he was a medical dr..
Of  course i got the ABG(ehemm)

Dont be difficult people.Help your housemen.And housemen,dont take advantage on ur MOs.

Sunday, September 14, 2014


as i am getting older..i know and i notice that i have one particular bad attitude(eh..we call that attitude ke)my tolerance towards other people are quite low

mcm mana nak ubah erk..
serabut kdg2..

nama pon manusia..aku tgh serabut!note to myself: please change!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Almost 6 months

Well..dah nak dekat 6 bulan I kerja dekat Kangar.Tempat yg tk pernah terfikir di kepala aku yg aku akan stay dkt sini..Berikut adalah kebaikan dan keburukan..

1)Jalan tk jam
2)Live a peace and quiet life
3)No toll expenses.
4)Cooperative and polite people eventhough educated people tk banyak.(org susah bnyak..)
5)My colleagues in paediatrics adalah fantastic..

1)Rasa terlalu dlm comfort zone
2)No friend to hang around with or having same interest or bercakap ttg benda yg best..(Twins will be busy with their bf ..=P)

Walaupun banyak advantages drpd entahla..
should i stay or should i go..