Sunday, January 17, 2021

6.3 years down the line.


Summary of 6.3 years.


Haha..The last time I wrote was like ? 6 yrs ago,few months before I embarked on my master journey.

Here we go,I am still the same person but I think better version of myself.

I am still ambivert(according  to personality test that I took ,I am 40% extrovert and 60% introvert)

and I am still has low tolerance for people that I think they are slow(teruk gila perangai aku..tapi aku mmg susah nak sabar part ni,walaupun aku dah still sama)

I completed my masters ,got my study published (I didn’t brag about it because mcm low impact study je pon..hahah..but very much thanks to Prof Hamidah and Dr Loh)

I went thru lowest part of my life,gained a lot of weight during master(blame it to the postcall binge eating).Literally cried and ventilated to my father regarding how stressful I was.And best part is I discovered so many good and kind hearted people along my master journey.

Banyak jugak moral of the story yg aku boleh bgtau psl kehidupan.As I go through my daily life,I am trying to become a better person everyday.

Okla,I feel that I want to start writing again as I think I need a breather apart from my good friend,Intan who always listens to me and knows almost all my secrets 😋.

Oh ye,btw,lupa nak ckp,I am still not yet settle down.haha..(x kelakar,nanti la aku cerita kemudian)

as for now,bye2

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