Tuesday, January 19, 2021

PKP 2.0

Hai again.

today,i am 34.5 yrs old..(haha..poyo,itu pun aku nak kira)

while I'm writing this post,i am sitting in the car,near to the sea,enjoying the view.

pkp 2.0 is 2021 version of pkp due to covid 19.

actually, i couldn't remember how i did the last time but i think my tolerance toward staying alone  for a long time is diminishing.

i was more reserved.as i grew older,i feel that there is a need to tell people what i think is wrong and what i dont like.

i was once asked by my superior.why dont u say sumting when u feel it is not right or ppl say sumting about u.

my reply was,time will tell Dr.there is no need for argument.

but with more ppl coming,i do feel that i am suppressed and criticized..

i was angry but i need to control myself in order to keep everything in control.

mmg la terlajak perahu boleh la kita undur,kalau terlajak cakap,mmg teruk la..

lagipon, parents aku pernah ckp..at the end of the day,kena pergi balik dkt niat.

kita bukan nak tunjuk siapa pandai..kita nak buat kerja elok2,so that org sihat.

i should brush my ego and nurture myself with good ethics and morals.

i want to write a lot of things.but I'll be busy tomorrow as I am oncall,clinics and procedure cm.oh Allah,guide me when I am doing my work.ikhlaskan hati aku,jaga lidah aku bila aku berkata2 .

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