Wednesday, February 17, 2021


Bosan kan..everyday vent out about working place.basically my work is one of my major life purpose apart from being a good muslim.

When I came back from sabah,i was not happy with my working that time,i was not busy as I am now.looking back,i think i am overthinking.

today,i had to call 3 consultants to refer case out to tertiary centre and one of my friend updated me regarding neuro pt that i referred last month.

i cant do much but i am pretty happy with what I did for him as district paeds.I thank Allah for all the guides that he continues to show me.

I always think that if I don't do this,thinking 🤔 hard to do something better everyday,then what is my life purpose.

aku bukan la ambitious gila pon..kalau aku ambitious,sure aku dah g ambik mrcp g oversea aku rasa,better aku serve negara aku sendiri.

I want to be a  better person,always reflect and reflect on myself.jgn selalu rasa diri betul.May Allah shower me with his bless,and moga hati aku sentiasa tenang.

p/s:I do have conflicts in my life, since september up until now.I am wise enough,and i wont do silly things.I just hv to remember, this too,shall pass💪💪..

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