Wednesday, February 17, 2021


Bosan kan..everyday vent out about working place.basically my work is one of my major life purpose apart from being a good muslim.

When I came back from sabah,i was not happy with my working that time,i was not busy as I am now.looking back,i think i am overthinking.

today,i had to call 3 consultants to refer case out to tertiary centre and one of my friend updated me regarding neuro pt that i referred last month.

i cant do much but i am pretty happy with what I did for him as district paeds.I thank Allah for all the guides that he continues to show me.

I always think that if I don't do this,thinking 🤔 hard to do something better everyday,then what is my life purpose.

aku bukan la ambitious gila pon..kalau aku ambitious,sure aku dah g ambik mrcp g oversea aku rasa,better aku serve negara aku sendiri.

I want to be a  better person,always reflect and reflect on myself.jgn selalu rasa diri betul.May Allah shower me with his bless,and moga hati aku sentiasa tenang.

p/s:I do have conflicts in my life, since september up until now.I am wise enough,and i wont do silly things.I just hv to remember, this too,shall pass💪💪..

Saturday, January 30, 2021

Thoughts at night.

It is almost 3am in the morning.Sunday.

Hari semalam,Sabtu,aku dah ada dkt kg..tgh shopping brg rmh, rheumatologist msg aku tanya psl pt.

Pt yg aku tak pernah tgk,tp ada dlm ward,takkan la aku nak ckp aku tak pernah tgk..of course rasa bsalah,and i had to go back to manjung much earlier than expected.

kdg,aku rasa la..whoever tgk dia dulu,mungkin patut be clear dgn dia punya management.tkdelah menyebabkan aku nak kena bukak fail satu2 and rs nak muntah bc and type.

i have so many pending things.kdg,benda mcm ni buat aku rasa nak tkr ward,but now I hv good team.for that,I am grateful.

i woke up at night thinking of my works,and few things that I myself have difficulty to catch up.

I know this is not healthy,but seriously I feel burdened.aku tak ocd but i do want things done in a right way.

okla..enough with rambling at night.going to sleep now..☺️

Thursday, January 28, 2021

Let go and let God.

Today marks 4 months since was the first day working in Sabah.

I went there,i got to know myself better,what i want and what i really treasure.I treasure peacefulness.Happiness is important but this is just secondary.

i am now having an issue.i am not really happy with my working place and one major issue that i dont want to elaborate further.

now i am dealing with complications.
i cant do anything,let go and let God decide and guide me.