Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Threshold utk ak ketawa itu rendah kata org~so..ini la jokes2 yg ak rs tk nk ketawa pon..hnya mampu sengih dan senyum..lawak btulis mmg jrg buat ak ketawa kerana cm ak rs ak gelak tnpa reaksi dri org lain..hahaha..psycho lak ak rasa~

Boss:So you wanna job,eh?Do you ever tell lies?
Applicant:No,sir-but I could learn if I had too

An apple a day keeps dr away
if the dr is cute,eat no fruit..

Teacher:can U give me an example of a collective noun?
Sidney:A vacuum cleaner,sir.

Mary:Mom,please may I play the piano
Mom:No U can't.your hands are dirty
Mary:I'll only play the black notes

Diner:I find that I have just enough money to pay for the dinner,but I have nothing in the way of a tip for urself
Waiter:Let me add up that bill again,sir

Guest:This is a boring party!I'm going to leave right now!
Hostess:I would, too,but I've got to stay.I'm the hostess

joke trakhir:the ori joke from primary school after kelas ingt smpi skrg..sengih sndiri bila ingt ustazah ni..)

ustazah salasiah:wallahu a'lam bissowab..bila soal tk dpt jwb..


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