Monday, January 12, 2009


Same planet, different worlds
Every hour, fleeting images from around the world are brought to our TV screens. When I have electricity, I watch these scenes of people enjoying themselves and ask myself, what is the difference between them and me? Why are our lives worlds apart in spite of living on the same planet?
I wonder, are these people asking themselves the same question when they watch the horror unfold in Gaza?
The occupation has put Gaza on a drip feed; we have had just enough to keep us alive but not enough to make us feel as though we are really living - and now this. If I make it to the end of this conflict, I want to leave the minute I am able to. I do not want my children to grow up in this environment, strangled by the occupation, familiar with the sounds of F-16 fighter jets, unable to leave the country if they need life-saving treatment.
This is not a natural disaster like the Tsunami; this is a man-made disaster that deepens while the world watches.
As the death toll continues to rise, my wife and I spend our waking hours waiting for our turn to come. Now, at night before trying to sleep I say to her: "Goodnight my love, see you in heaven."
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