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Satchel is either a large bag with small handle that is carried on the arm rather than on the shoulder or bag with one, sometimes two, large straps that goes over one shoulder and across the body. Popular with students as it is suitable for carrying books.
Balantine. Based on the Greek word for purse, "balantion." A type of purse made of leather, fabric or metal, suspended from a long cord, which may be wound around the wrist or the arm. The balantine swings back and forth at knee height as you walk. (ak rasa yg ni la..kt msia skrg glamer ok..)

Pompadour. Small pouch of velvet or lace, worn hanging from a cord and used to carry smelling salts, a handkerchief, a notebook or money. It was made fashionable in the 18th century by the Marquise de Pompadour.

Messenger bag is a bag with a long strap to be worn across the body that winds around the chest resting the bag on the lower back. Materials used in messenger bags are often more durable and water-resistant than traditional bags. Messenger bags are often used by bicycle messengers, though they are increasingly becoming an urban fashion icon.

Tote Bag is a medium to large bag with two straps. Sometimes sold as a reusable shopping bag, this bag can carry anything that is too large for a common handbag – also called a ‘Shopper’

Reticule, also called string bag, mesh bag or net bag. From the Latin word "reticulum." A string bag carried in antiquity as a container for provisions or tools.

Sac à dos, or rucksack or backpack. A bag worn on the back, usually held in place by two buckled straps and closed by a drawstring, which is sometimes concealed under a flap

Pouchette, also called a clutch. Diminutive of poche, meaning pocket from the Frankish word pokka. A small lady's bag with neither handle nor shoulder strap. (beg ni artis suka pakai g function..mungkin mak datin juga added dgn labuci..haaa..liplap liplap gtu ha..keles!!)

Serviette, attaché case or briefcase. From Latin servire, which means to be a slave. A rectangular bag with a flap secured by one or more clasps, bellows to separate interior compartments, and with or without handles.LV huuu...
Sac Seau or bucket bag. A woman's carry-all bag, cylindrical or flared, with a stiff base. Usually open, but sometimes closed by a flap with a loop to protect against prying eyes. Inspired by fire buckets, the earliest of which were leather.

Accordeon. A lady's bag made of two or three pouches side by side, fastened to each other by stitching, snaps or slide fasteners to allow expansion or contraction of the bag, according to its desired capacity.
Baguette. A small, long, narrow bag with a shoulder strap, carried under the arm. A descendant of bags elongated to carry oblong items.(fendi suka buat design baguette..too ordinary la..)

ok..beg ni looks ordinary kan?tkde la sgtnya costs thousands!!coach nye psl...

What Does Your Handbag Say About You?
You tend to be relaxed throughout the day. You are naturally at peace.You tend to be on high alert. You are very aware of your surroundings.You are a high maintenance person. You feel lost outside of your normal environment.You are open and comfortable with who you are. You don't hide anything.Your motto is: "Be prepared." You don't like to be surprised by anything.You are a very creative person. Your life tends to be a whirlwind, but you always seem to pull it together.You are practical and down to earth. You tend to be a rather reserved and quiet person.You are an outgoing and expressive person. You always speak your mind, and you're very approachable.You are a very unique and special person. There's no one else who is anything like you.

tips ak leh kongsi pasal beli beg yg sume org tau
1)take ur time..try dlu on ur arm or shoulder..ada certain bag tk sdp nk bwk
2)go for sumting that u will use it(sumtimes org suka beli bnda yg dia tkkn pki..cthnya,beg kaler kuning terang,and dia mmg bukan jenis pki beg nk beli sbb cntik..kan membazir namanya..and sumting yg korg leh guna bersesuaian dgn tujuan korg beli beg..cthnya,beg nk g kelas,korg beli beg baguette..adeh..kan susah..ngan stet kt tgn,labcoat,semak mata ak tgk..)
3)utk mid class people..jgn beli beg yg hrga thousands kerana ianya membazir!fashion cpt je beli yg below 100 and 100 sumting pn ok wut..kalo 400 above cm guess, roberta de cameira,balmain ke leh je la kalo ada duit,utk LV n coach,beli kt bandung suda..lain la kalo korg anak tiri CT ke aka anak datuk K,it can be biggy..haha

p/S:dop leh caye blogthings ni..but one real thing yg ak leh gtau,I love oversized bag!I think bucket bag goes with me..ada ke nk bwk beg ke nyusahkn hidup kalo brg tinggal?kan sng..beg bsr..hangkut sume things left behind!beg doraemon pn doraemon la..

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