Wednesday, March 11, 2009


when it does not rain,it snows..

nothing much I can tell u guys for the time being...just wanna show the beautiful rainbow last 2 weeks.. and ice on the floor but now,it is almost spring!!
final exam is just around the corner..although it is 2 months from now,but since we have no break,we have to cover all materials from now on..pray for us,can't wait to become a 6th year medical student!!

Interested to know more about asia pacific?I am..I like history,geography and maths actually..donno why,but it is interesting to know people who make changes around the world..places and people all over the world..nice huh.. I even calculate plat numbers while I walk on the streets..haha..try it!!
Dalai Lama

North Africa:

Middle East-Persian:

p/s:Saskatchewan,Manitoba?Do u remember these places..We learned them in Form 3 lorhhh..saskatchewan,chef wan..sounds similar..haha

and again today,my name is an issue..I dont like it actually..=(

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