Monday, October 5, 2009


lagu kt atas,adalah lagu yg diperkenalkan oleh Dr Kow ketika round pd hari ini..
lagu yg ditulis,yg ada kaitan dengan drug LSD..
lepas satu kejadian disoal Dr berkaitan huckleberry finn,tom sawyer dan drug vancomycin..
aku terus teringat pasal paragraph dalam buku Making The Cut(Mr.Khadra.a surgeon)..

'There is so much I want to tell you.Above all,help your patients to understand the consequences of what you do and the consequences of doing nothing.You need to advise them as if they are you own.Treat them with respect,and love them.They are you and you are them.'

I stopped talking.I had just given a lecture that reminded me of polonius advising Leartes prior to his departure,in Shakespeare's hamlet.There was so much left unexpressed.How do I help these doctors be human?'

'Please continue to read poetry.Listen to music.I know some of you play instruments-just keep doing it.Balance knife with wife and with life.That is the answer.Balance...' I was raving now.
I turned and left.Behind me,I heard applause.
I refused valedictions.I refused to return congratulatory notes.I simply left.

ak tutup buku tu dan berharap ada lagi paragraph yg mcm tu aku boleh baca..


one_munawwarah said...

rasa mcm familiar.tapi mcm belum baca. suka sgt buku blm habis baca.

kilah said...

ouh,baca lagi skali wktu awak klinikal..msti ada feeull..
p/s:feel chinese bunyi dia lain sikit..hehe